Landlord and tenant laws cover all aspects of residential and commercial leasing or renting, whether it is in regard to maintenance, contracts, or other related issues. Litigation that may ensue or a dispute that needs resolved is best handled through a skilled and experienced attorney at Davis Law Center. We understand that your rights are to be protected and are prepared to work hard so that they are. We want you to have a successful case and are ready to walk you through this process step by step.

Before a tenant moves in, a written contract should be signed by both parties highlighting the responsibilities of each, as well as any other stipulations that may have been discussed in negotiations. Such stipulations may have included when rent is due, lawn responsibilities, etc. Any breaches of the signed contract should be discussed with a trusted attorney to determine what would be the next best step in approaching the situation. For repeat offenses or difficult to manage situations, especially if multiple warnings have been given, an attorney should be retained for legal advice and representation if necessary.

Landlord and tenant relations can become strained due to issues that turn into litigation. If you have little or no legal experience, you will need the assistance of a lawyer that is prepared to help you have the most successful case possible. At Davis Law Center, our attorneys have helped clients for years with disputes and arrangements to have fair agreements in the end. If you or a loved one are struggling with a difficult landlord or tenant and are disputing an issue, contact Davis Law Center today to begin building your defense and determine the best available options for your case. Our attorneys are ready to use our experience and expertise to help you have the most successful case possible and ensure that any agreements and contracts are fair for all the parties involved.